haha do you remember how cool we were in high school?

where we didnt have to get fucked up to be able to think straight.

where i could type this whole thing without hitting a bowl.

growing up is not what i thought it would be.

life is crazy. dont get trapped w/i your mind.

find a passion, that’s something i wish i had done.

but i’m looking.

I just wana know how you’re doing.
I want you to be the one congratulating your sister through me.
I wana hear the words and have you put me to bed.
I want you to want me as much as you don’t care enough to show anything.
I see your motivation
you are my motivation.
you are all I want. you know that.
you’ve given up on me you’re over it and I’m here just watching you live your life without me.
you have no clue how often I think about you.
everyday at least twice.
I miss you. you’ll never come back. I get it.
move on (you already have)
I’ll watch you be happy from back here
I know nothing about you, just like you don’t want me to.
I lingered. it suckkkks. knowing you’re perfectly fine or even better off without having me even cross your train of thought ever.
but I’m glad.
you’re living life.
I’m holding onto something that’s not even there. and you probably have no idea.
it’s been so long why can’t I ever stop.
I’m hurting myself by even thinking of you.
help me let go.