I need at least one good thing to come out of this.

destroy what destroys you,
fuck that when it’s in the back of your mind
all the time.
try to rewind.
you feel like a mime
with no words.
nothing you’ve heard
changes the way you go bout any aspect of your life
you don’t listen to the hype
ears closed, you’re stubborn as fuck
you can’t rely on some sort of luck
to get what you want
you gotta move on or keep at it
might feel annoying as shit
comin and goin, in and out like a fuckin trick candle that stays lit
you keep blowin but fuck
what happens when you’re gaspin’
got nothin to grasp
feelin like you’re gonna relapse
and go back to that shit
the same shit you’re trying to get away from
you tell yourself there’s no use
you’re stuck in those same fuckin shoes
the ones that untie and come loose
when you finally start gettin to the path you’re made to be on
you see nothin else but neon
when you close your eyes
you’re your own demise
and you see these people covered in their own lies
you know you’re not like them
you’re different, you’re unique
or at least that’s what they told you
but you’re behind your own fatigue
somethins holdin you back
step away from that pack
go get what you need
to feel like you’ve succeed
-ded cut those ropes that hold you down
go and flee from town to town
til you find what you’ve been looking for
knock down that fuckin door

and walk in